Dirt and Grace

First of all, thank you for stopping by.  This is just my little space for stories from my life.  As my first blog post I thought I would tell you why I am here.   I am happily married, mother of two boys. We live in Arkansas on a gravel road out in the country on a little over 12 acres.  We built one of those white houses with a huge front porch and the dormers on the second story.  I roll up to my kids school in a black minivan, that I swore I would never drive.  

I started out a few years ago with a love of scrapbooking. I had two babies in two years so I had plenty of pictures to fill books. I was up late one night  (probably with a cranky little boy) and an infomercial for a cutting machine caught my interest.  I thought of all the cool things I could make for scrapbook layouts. After TONS of research into all the different desktop cutting plotters I told my husband I wanted a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas.

I fell in love.  I wanted it for scrapbooking but I have honestly used it for so many things. Party invitations, birthday cards, vinyl decals, stencils for signs, and now I use HTV to make shirts and bags and even canvas signs.  

One of the reasons I decided on a silhouette was its software. Silhouette Studio is not a web application which means if you have sometimes spotty internet, as I do out in the sticks, you don’t have to be without crafting time. I also loved the idea of designing my own graphics. The Software is so user friendly that anyone can learn it.

Once I got started designing my own cut files I found out I really enjoyed the design process more than the crafting process.  Which is why I am here.  I love designing graphics for shirts, signs, and scrapbooks.  I am self-taught through trial and error, many many YouTube tutorials, and reading so many blogs. 

Whether you are here for graphics or to learn something new with me, WELCOME.  I hope to share about many of my passions. Which brings me to the title of this little blog…

Dirt- We live a messy life of two boys, two dogs, gravel road, and learning as we go in a fallen world

Grace- Jesus. He is the way, the truth, and the light.  I’ll share my faith with you through out our time together and I love to hear from you as well.  

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