Down here we LOVE fall.  Simply adore it! Sountherners go plumb crazy for it.  We decorate our porches with big pots of mums and gargantuan pumpkins and signs proclaiming “Happy Fall Y’all!!”.  We go on hay rides, roast weenies and marshmallows, and rush to take family photos in a field of white cotton before the farmers pick it all.  Fall festivals, County Fairs, Football, Deer season, and yup…Leggings season!  Fall means we can finally go outside as humidity levels go below the sauna setting and temperatures are bearable enough to come out of our air conditioned havens.  

One of my favorite things about fall is the gatherings and the food that comes with it.  Every year my friends all get together for Halloween. We bring all our kids in their costumes over to my friend, Lindsay’s house.  She lives in a huge subdivision and her dad typically drags all of us around in a trailer of hay while the kids jump off and on to beg for candy at her neighbors doors.  We all bring all the fixin’s for chili supper.  We eat and eat-chili with cheese, cornbread, fritos, cinnamon rolls, snickerdoodles. Its the best time and we have kept this tradition going for about 5 years now. It’s so much fun.  

Once we are into November we begin planning “Friendsgiving”.  Basically we take the weekend before actual thanksgiving and do a practice run, but instead of with our extended family members who we will all be with on the actual holiday we all get together and pig out. It started as a housewarming party when we first built our home but now it has morphed into a tradition to not be missed.  We recently passed the hosting torch to my cousin who recently moved into their new home.  We had a fantastic time of laughter and games and kids running around and SO. MUCH. FOOD.  

In this gallery I have placed a few of my fall designs that I use for back to school, football, fall, and thanksgiving.  If you see one you like for a shirt or sign just let me know.  Check back for updates.  and you can always ask for custom designs. I love a good challenge!

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